Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students

Government of United States


Due date: by 1 October (yearly)

Study in: The USA

The program will run from Apr-Sept 2022.

Brief description: 

Humphrey Fellowship Program opportunities offer internships and opportunities for experienced professionals to gain knowledge, knowledge exchange, and understanding of common issues in a constructive environment that both U.S. and Fellows hold dear.

Host Institution(s):

Participants do not have the option of selecting the university from which to attend; rather, they are assigned to groups of 7-15 to one university with their professional interests and needs in mind.

Level/Field of study:

Besides providing professional development opportunities such as attending university courses, attending conferences, networking, and practiced work experiences, the Fellowship offers funding options for the following program fields:

• Agricultural and Rural Development

• Communications/Journalism

• Economic Development

• Educational Administration, Planning and Policy

• Finance and Banking

• Higher Education Administration

• HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention

• Human Resource Management

• Law and Human Rights

• Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change

• Public Health Policy and Management

•  Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

•  Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention

•  Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

•  Technology Policy and Management

•  Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention

•  Urban and Regional Planning

Number of Awards:

More than 200 fellowships are awarded annually by the fellowship program.

Target group:

The program is open to applicants in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Eurasian countries, Middle East and North Africa, East Asia, East Pacific countries, South and Central Asia countries, and Western Hemisphere countries.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

The Fellowship provides for:

A student’s tuition and fees at the assigned host university;

• Pre-academic English language training should be provided, if needed.

In addition to weekly maintenance (living) allowances, there is also a one-time settling-in allowance;

Insurance coverage for accidents and illnesses;

You may receive a book allowance;

•  A one-time computer subsidy;

The cost of traveling to and from the United States as well as domestic regional travel to and from the program events;

Field trip allowance is for professional-related activities, such as conferences and meetings, and visits to other offices.


The applicant must:

A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement.

At least five years of professional, full-time experience is required.

Previous work experience in the United States is limited or nonexistent.

Clearly demonstrating leadership qualities.

You must also have a history of public service.

• English proficiency

You can find out more about the eligibility requirements for the program by contacting the U.S. Embassy in the country where you live (link below).

Application instructions:

Apply by the July 1st application deadline given by the United States Embassy or Binational Fulbright Commission. By October 1, nominations are due to the Institute of International Education in Washington, DC.

To learn more about application procedures, contact the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in your country or the Bi-national Fulbright Commission.

You should also visit the website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Click here to apply

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