A Blog and Website Newsletter Subscription is Beneficial

A good blog, is a blog which regularly send update to its reader. Before reading this post, please take a moment to answer these questions for yourself.

  1. How many readers do you have?
  2. What do you do to let your readers know about your new post?
  3. Should you use social media to promote your post rather than email?
  4. How do you feel about email nowadays? Do you think it’s dead?
  5. Does anyone pay attention to email anymore?

If you thought that email was dead, think again! the truth is far behind you. According to a survey, blog subscribers who subscribe to the newsletter see up to 25% more traffic. In the absence of using the newsletter subscription, you are missing one of the most useful tools.

What is blog Newsletter?

What is the blog Newsletter? Let me first explain what it is. You can keep your readers up-to-date with your blog post by sending out an email newsletter. Your blog content is subscribed to by your readers. It is a good way of keeping readers updated on various posts in the blogger community.

Newsletters can have titles, summary, or links to your posts. Bloggers sometimes send newsletters to their subscribers once or twice a month. Others may email irregularly – sending out a post publishing email right away.


The frequency of your emails should be convenient for both you and your readers.

If they like a weekly newsletter, don’t send daily newsletters. Feel free to send the amount you can manage comfortably. You can make the newsletter a monthly one if you cannot handle more than one a month. Sending a weekly newsletter does not make any sense.

Not too infrequently should you send out a newsletter.

Readers will not remember who you are if you don’t send them an email for six months. If that happens, you may be unable to receive your emails, which can have serious consequences for delivery.

You need to subscribe to your website’s newsletter if you want your audience to see it

#1: Emails Give You Control Over Your Own Traffic

Traffic can be easily increased if your site has a large email subscriber list. Just sending few months of email can generate a lot of traffic for your blog or website. Compared to a paid campaign I think this one works better. Social media won’t help as only a fraction of your followers will actually see your post. Boosting your post is required to gain the desired audience, which actually costs you a good deal.

Although 25% of your target audience may see your post, still you can drive a great amount of traffic to your blog. GO AHEAD!!

#2: Emails are a Great Way to build relationships with your reader

It is PERSONAL FEEL that separates social media posts from newsletter posts. You don’t use salutations on your social media feed. It feels personal since each and every letter is personalized by name and salutation in the body.

Your reader and your email relationship can grow stronger when you send personalized emails. Your readers will be able to get personal help from you.

#3: Help you to earn good money by monetizing your blog

Yes you read write!!! The best way to earn is to select the best traffic and niche topics. By subscribing to a newsletter, you will be able to generate leads for your product and services. You can promote your post and also earn money by promoting some companies. You can also earn money using affiliate marketing.

#4: Emails reader redirect to your other social media pages

Subscribers to your newsletter will be more likely to follow you on social media if your blog is focused on a niche. Newsletters are a good way to build long term relationships with your readers. As soon as you build that platform, you can promote all of your products and services.

#5: Target almost all group of readers

All subscribers received an email or RSS notification about your post. There is a separate category for each of them. Subscribers can be listed under each category. You can avoid sending too many promotional messages to the same people by following this advice. It also keeps readers from receiving irrelevant topics, which is usually out of interest.

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